Speakers: Henry David Louth & David Reeves

Speakers: Henry David Louth & David Reeves

    Henry David Louth is a senior designer at Zaha Hadid Architects, London as part of the Computation and Design (CODE) team. He is a registered Architect in the States as well as a LEED Accredited Professional. Since 2007, he has worked professionally on various project types, installations, and exhibitions across the US and Europe earning his Bachelors in Architecture with honours from Louisiana State University and Masters from the Architectural Association Design Research Lab (DRL) in 2014.

    Henry’s research speculates on curved crease folding construction applications, ruled and developable constraint based solving, and intuitive approaches to material optimisation. Henry has taught and presented in the UK, the USA, and India for the AADRL, AAVS, AIA, and USGBC on various architectural topics ranging from sustainability, to construction and fabrication, to geometric theory, and is a published research contributor in SimAud.

    Currently, he is a project team member on each the London Science Museum, Mathematics Gallery.

    David Reeves is a designer, programmer, and researcher currently working at Zaha Hadid Architects as a member of the Computation and Design (CODE) team. His research focuses on the application of numerical methods within architectural design modelling. Specifically, he is interested in how such methods can facilitate the exploration of novel solution spaces by augmenting the designer’s ability to negotiate large sets of highly coupled design criteria.

    David currently teaches within the Design Research Lab (DRL) at the Architectural Association. Previously, he has taught and presented work at various institutions including The Bartlett, CITA, Aarhus School of Architecture, Yale University, and University of Toronto. His work has also been published and presented at a number of conferences and events such as Acadia, SimAud, IASS, and Smart Geometry.