‘FABRICATE: Making Digital Architecture‘, edited by Bob Sheil and Ruairi Glynn and published by Riverside Architectural Press, was launched at FABRICATE 2011 in London. It is now in its second edition after selling out and has also been translated in Chinese. The second book of the FABRICATE series, titled ‘Fabricate: Negotiating Design and Making’, co-edited by Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler and Silke Langenberg and published by gta Verlag, was launched at FABRICATE 2014 at ETH, Zurich.

Rather than showcase hypothetical works, both books address innovative ideas that have been applied, built and tested. They present documentation underexposed in contemporary architectural publication, e.g. 21st century working drawings, model/prototype hybrids; adaptive tooling, jigs and manufacturing interfaces; on site bespoke construction, and post production 3D scanning.

The stunning hardcover books comprise of 32 illustrated articles on built projects received through our Call for Work. Punctuating these articles are a series of conversations between the Keynotes and world leading experts from design to engineering, discussing themes on drawing to production, behavioural composites, robotic assembly, and digital craft.

FABRICATE 2011 Publication: Making Digital Architecture can be purchased .

FABRICATE 2014 Publication: Negotiating Design & Making can be purchased .

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